Manufacturer Representatives focused on Building Envelope Solutions
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SpecMat7 represents the highest quality manufacturers with the Best in Class solutions for the Building Envelope


Our Partner Manufacturers


BASF Spray Polyurethane Foam

Territory:  NC/SC/GA

BASF manufactures both closed-cell and open-cell spray polyurethane foam products for residential and commercial construction, providing the right SPF system for any type of well-engineered building envelope. The BASF two component application process features a wide range of specially formulated polyurethane spray foam offerings that meet specific site and surface requirements.

York Manufacturing

Territory:  NC/SC/GA

York Manufacturing produces a full line of moisture control products and systems for both residential and commercial applications. The innovation for which York Manufacturing is known and respected had its beginnings in 1935 — when our laminated copper flashings were first patented, manufactured and marketed under the name of our former parent company, Wasco.

Acquiring the Wasco Flashings division in 1979, York brought all manufacturing capabilities in-house and has continued its tradition of innovation by investing heavily in development and unique production capabilities that allow us to continue to find new and better ways of dealing with moisture and other issues of importance to our customers.

Based in Sanford, Maine, York is a respected leader with a long tradition of integrity that continues to set industry standards for performance and quality. From the original copper fabric flashing to strong, advanced composites and new asphalt-free copper flashing that’s revolutionizing the industry, York remains far ahead and moving solidly into the future.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing

Territory:  NC/SC/GA/VA-Southern

CCW offers the best in class systems for air barriers, polyiso insulation, eps insulation, below grade, blindside, green roof, and plaza deck waterproofing.

Xypex Chemical Corporation

Territory:  Territory:  NC/SC

More than forty years ago, demonstrating some brilliant ingenuity, a group of chemists at Xypex Chemical Corporation developed a technology that would change the way concrete is protected from intrusive liquids.

ClockSpring/Milliken Infrastructure

Territory: NC/SC/GA

From composite wraps to erosion control materials, Milliken Infrastructure has you covered with a broad range of solutions

True Seal

Territory: NC/SC/VA

Tough Versatile Dependable Since 1978

True Seal has been at the forefront of innovative commercial roofing solutions since our inception. Our aim is to discover, create and refine roofs that are not only effective, but also sustainable, durable and dependable.