Manufacturer Representatives focused on Building Envelope Solutions
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Specified Materials LLC

Manufacturer Representatives + Building Envelope Solution Providers


Building Envelope Systems Manufacturing Representatives

SpecMat7 exists to provide our expertise for solutions to owners, designers, contractors, and distribution as it relates to the Specified Materials on the ever evolving Building Envelope.  Our expertise focuses in Division 7-Thermal and Moisture Protection but also ties into specification sections Divisions 3-Concrete and 4-Masonry.  


Areas of Expertise

AIr Barriers

Best in class Fluid applied, sheet applied, spray foam, and integral board stock systems.  All conforming to NFPA 285 requirements and ABAA approved.


Industry leading Spray foam, EPS and Polyiso board stock insulations with many NFPA 285 approvals.  Below grade and Geofoam applications as well.

KEE Elvaloy & PVC Roofing Systems

Systems meeting the toughest requirements for any roofing assembly.

Concrete Repair

Structural crystalline enhanced repair mortars. Structural reinforcement systems and zero shrink repair mortars.


Most complete Cold Fluid, Hot Applied, Green Roof, Plaza Deck, Blindside, Underslab, Crystalline, Integral Crystalline, Bentonite, and Flexible Cementitious Systems for any application.

Through Wall Flashing 

Copper and Flexible Stainless Steel systems built for the life of the wall.


Fiber Cement, Terra Cotta, and Ceramic Systems.

Cladding Attachments

 A variety of solutions being offered providing the best combination of fire safety, engineering and thermal performance at a cost-effective price

Expansion Joints

Representing the most recognized name in precompressed sealant expansion joints.

Civil Structures

Crystalline systems enhanced with antimicrobials for harsh environments.  Crystalline systems for precast structures.

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